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Eliot Nochez

Eliot Nochez



Living in Challes-les-eaux / Chambéry for the last 19 years Pilot of Acrobatic parasailing & Rider in speed riding From a mountain sports and family, I wanted to achieve the same alpine prowess as my father. But being too small, I had to wait until the age of 2 years old to accompany my father on his many mountain sporting activities, which became for me an overwhelming passion.

The last two years I have participated in almost all national and international competitions and performed various acrobatics acrobatic shows with multiple drops by helicopter, para motor, Bi Place ...Between the various competitions and shows, I invested in video filming and photos in different countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain ... to improve the image of my sport and visibility of my partners. To achieve these images, I can count on the support of various productions as PVS CHOOK'S PROD


  • Parasailing equipment: Sup 'air & U-turn
  • Street wear brand: TURBULENCE
  • Sunglasses: DIRTY DOG EYEWEAR
  • Environnent : NEOS
  • 2012: Vice-World Champion Second overall in the World Cup France champion acrobatic paragliding (exceptional performance figures with his paraglide)
  • 2011: Start of the international circuit intensive Trainings
  • 2010: First competition aerobatics (acrobatic paragliding) intensive Trainings
  • 2009: 1st in the Challenge Ski Flying (international competitions details occurring in winter)
  • 2008: 2nd challenge to Ski Flying
  • Meeting of paragliding aerobatics 2007: First Ski Flying competition -> 5th overall 2006: First Mont Blanc, on foot, and off the top paragliding 2004: First course in paragliding school (10 years)
  • Objectives: Win the title of World Champion and first place in the World Cup, and keep my title of Champion of France. Again a wonderful season with beautiful video filming, in regions of dreams and continue to make great demonstrations.
Eliot Nochez
Dirty Dog Eyewear