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Dirty Dog Warranty

Warranty Policy

All Dirty Dog eyewear is warranted against breakage due to defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase (two years in the EEC). This warranty is valid only with proof of purchase from an Authorised Dirty Dog dealer. Dirty Dog does not warrant any lens against scratches. Alteration, misuse or abuse of any Dirty Dog product will void its warranty. Legal rights under applicable national law governing the sale of consumer goods are not affected by this warranty. (EE DIRECTIVE 1999/44/EC).


This eyewear is not designed to protect the wearer from all injury in the event of impact with hard objects or if the lens is not properly secured in the frame. Dirty Dog does not recommend tinted lenses be used for night driving, or direct viewing of the sun or strong artificial light sources. If your peripheral vision is impaired by the eyewear, do not wear while driving. Sunglasses and goggles are not recommended for industrial purposes.

How to make a warranty claim

Customers should contact their local Authorized Dirty Dog Dealer or visit our website for the number of the nearest Dirty Dog Distributor.

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